Results for 20th January 2012

Position Pair Names Score Played Percent
1 4 Vi Cooper & Phil Roberts 55 20 68.75
2 5 John Taylor & Stella Taylor 42 20 52.50
3= 1 Alan Bayfield & Ron Coppock 39 20 48.75
3= 3 Sylvia Charles & Eleanor Baxter 39 20 48.75
5 2 Dee Worlock & Sheila Kempster 35 20 43.75
6 6 Rowland Stellig & Joyce Heath 30 20 37.50

For details, click on link below:


If when you open the document from the above link you find that you cannot navigate to the detailed pages in the .mht file embedded in the WORD file; copy the .mht file to your desktop and open it from there.  Hopefully it will then work.  I haven’t yet diagnosed the cause when it does not work properly.  Let me know if the workaround does not work either.

Pair results Table:


Individual Results table:



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