Christmas Party Friday 14th December 2012

Proceedings started at 6:30 pm.  A fine spread was provided, organised by our lady members, with wine and soft drinks to get us in the spirit.

The year’s results were announced and the trophies presented.  The results were:


Played Names Rolling Average   %
29 Mike Crossley   & Kirsty Wells 55.75
34 Alan Bayfield & Di   Hillage 55.34
28 Vi   Cooper & Phil Roberts 54.25
24 Alan   Godden & Eunice Hillage 53.40
26 John   Taylor & Stella Taylor 52.00
27 Dee Worlock & Sheila Kempster 49.22
25 Ron Coppock & Bill   Cooper 46.71
Pairs must play 20 times in a   season to qualify
Non-qualifying Results
Played Names Rolling Average %
13 Rowland Stellig & Huw   Griffiths 43.07
18 Sylvia   Charles & Eleanor Baxter 42.68
9 Rowland   Stellig & Joyce Heath 39.37
Pairs playing fewer than 6 times   omitted

Trophies presented were:

Motcombe Bridge Shield

Mike Crossley   & Kirsty Wells– 55.75% (annual average)



Peter & Anita Alford Trophy (Highest Score in any week)

Mike Crossley   & Kirsty Wells – 80.56%


Fred Blake Memorial Trophy

Bill Cooper & Kirsty Wells – 58.33%  (best pairs score 13/4/2012)


Anita Alford Trophy

Sheila Kempster – best individual on the day (29/06/2012)

(Not present on the night)


Vi & Bill Cooper Trophy

Eleanor Baxter – Most improved individual over the season amongst those with average score less than 50%.  Must play 10 matches or more to qualify.

(Average deviation above annual average 7.43%)

(Not present on the night)


♣ ♦ ♥

A session of Chicago followed.

The club reconvenes on Friday 4th January 2013.  Please confirm with  Vi Cooper in the week prior to the 4th to ensure you get a game.


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