Results for Friday 7th April 2017

Position Pair Names Score Played Percent
1 7 Amanda Brown & Kirsty Wells 79 21 62.70
2 2 Sylvia Charles & Dee Worlock 71 21 56.35
3 3 John Taylor & Stella Taylor 67 21 53.17
4 6 Alan Bayfield & Phil Roberts 66 21 52.38
5 4 Peter Irwin & Annie Mitchell 63 21 50.00
6 1 Joyce Heath & Sylvia Sheather 56 21 44.44
7 5 Keith Broughton & Ron Coppock 52 21 41.27
8 8 Bill Cooper & Rowland Stellig 50 21 39.68

For Pair Scores table, please click link below:


For Individual Scores table, please click link below:


For scorecards, please click link below:


Note 1: Pairs 1 and 4 played N-S and E-W respectively on boards 4-6 when they should have played E-W and N-S respectively. To be fair to all the other pairs, average scores were awarded to pairs 1 and 4, for boards 4-6.  Members are reminded again that on arrival at table, both North and East must check that they are in the correct orientation, and that the boards to be played are the correct ones.

Note 2: The first meeting in April is one of our two charity evenings of the year, this one in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  Donations were requested instead of table fees.  The total collected will be reported later this month as donations will also be accepted from members at the next meeting on 21st April 2107.  Please remember that there is no meeting next week (Good Friday, 14th April 2017).

Note 3: The Fred Blake Memorial Crystal Bowl, awarded for the highest pair score on the night, was won by Amanda Brown and Kirsty Wells with a score of 62.70%. The bowl will be presented at the club’s Christmas party night in December 2017.




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