Basic Instructions for Scoring Our Matches

This document is here in case your scorer is run over by a bus, or otherwise incapacitated. It is not complete in every detail and assumes someone trying to use it is reasonably computer literate.  That is a necessary prerequisite for working out what to do when following my instructions doesn’t quite work out as expected.  There will be a CD somewhere containing a copy of the live data as of 25th June 2015.  This will contain all of the files relating to Motcombe Bridge Club.  With these you should be able to recreate the scoring system and get it going again on your computer.  If you cannot do this, then I must have been a genius whiz kid all along.  Good luck!


Scoring is done in 3 stages; namely, entering the scores and calculating the results, importing them into the database, and publishing the results on WordPress.

Entering the scores is achieved using a bridge scoring program freely available from the Bracknell Bridge Club (go to and follow the instructions), and works well for small clubs in its basic form.  You will need a Windows computer to run it.

League tables are compiled using an Access database developed by the writer.  The  “Motcombe Bridge Club scores (sorted names)_robust.mdb” file can be run using the Microsoft Access 2010 run time environment.  The run-time environment is free from Microsoft and can be downloaded from . Unfortunately a copy of the database file cannot be lodged on WordPress, so will have to be obtained from the current club scorer.

Publishing the results on WordPress is fiddly but easy enough once you are used to it.  Three .pdf format files are produced from the output of Bridge Scorer, and from two queries in the Access database.  These are imported as media into the post for the week publishing the results.  The user name and password for accessing our WordPress account is available from the current scorer if anyone would like to become the deputy scorer.  In this event full training will be given on how to use the tools.


Bridge Scorer Process:

1. Visually examine the set of travellers for the match before you start.  Sort out any anomalies and errors and correct the traveller entries where appropriate.  Sometimes you will need the table cards to work out what went wrong.

2. Start up Bridge Scorer.  Select the correct match date in the top left of the form.

3. Select the names form and enter the pairs for the match (in most cases, if the software has been used before the pair names will be visible for selection in the form; otherwise enter the names in the space provided).  Click “Done” when finished.

4. Enter the number of boards per set in the field in the top middle of the form.

5. Open the first board entry form (the shortcut is <alt s>, or select the appropriate command from the menu).  Enter the first traveller set of results.  Click done.

6. Repeat the process until all travellers have been entered.  You may find the odd entry where the points score for the hand marked on the traveller is incorrect.  The Bridge Scorer calculation is always correct!

7. Click the “Result” button on the top middle window frame.  Also do “File/Save (CTRL s is the shortcut for that).

8. Do “File/Export Full Results to a text file”.  This will be needed to import the results into the database.

9. Do “File/Export Results to HTML”.  Click all the tick boxes required in the form that opens and click “OK”. You will have specified the destination for the set of html files that are produced.  You will need these for posting to WordPress later.


Database Input:

1. Open the “Motcombe Bridge Club scores (sorted names)_robust.mdb” file.  The database control form opens.

2. Click on input dates button and check that you have an entry for the date of the match by clicking the last record in table arrow at the bottom of the form.  If not, enter the date and “run-no” after clicking on next record (the run-no will be the same number as is displayed in the “outnumber” field.  Close the form.

3. Open the view results button and select the last record in the table.  Its “run-no” needs to be one less than the run-no you created in step 2. Close the form.

4. If all looks correct, click on the “Import Scores” button.  A message will appear to say that the operation completed successfully.

5.  Click on the “Remake Individual tables” button. This is necessary to ensure that the “Individuals” table content is correct and correctly includes any new players introduced in the match you are scoring.

6. Check the imported data is visible and correct in the “View Results” form.

7. Click on “View Pairs Results 20xx” button (top right).

8. Select all rows and “copy”.

9. Open spreadsheet template “Pair scores 20xx”, select “paste area” tab and paste the copied data into it in the correct area. Select all the pasted data except the headings and paste into Row 2, Col, 1.  Insert the missing date in the header line over the rightmost column.  Select tab 2.  Select the results area and go File/Set Print Area”.  Save the file.  Select Print Preview and make sure the output looks sensible, otherwise adjust the print settings appropriately.  Select .pdf as the printer.  You may need to install a “print to pdf” program on your computer . Primo pdf works well (  Save the pdf file – you will need it shortly.

10. Repeat step 9 but start with View Individual Results” and use “Individual results” spreadsheet instead.  Save the pdf file output – you will need it shortly.


Posting on WordPress:

1. Open WORD “Resultsxx-xx-xxxx.doc”.  This contains a macro which will import the html files you created earlier into yor WORD document.  Edit out the bits that are superfluous and sort out any formatting issues.  Save the file and output ii as pdf – you will need it shortly.

2. Log on to the Motcombe Bridge Club WordPress page by clicking the “admin” link (bottom right below the archive boxes). It is probably best to use Internet Explorer, as some of the other browsers don’t work so well when editing, meaning you will have to edit the html rather than the normal view.

3. Click on “posts” in the sidebar.  Select “create new”.

4. Open the index file of the html files you created earlier. Select the results table, copy it, and paste it into the new post.

5.  Highlight the rows in the table and click the remove links button on the WordPress form.

6. Now add in the texts for the links to the imported media that you haven’t yet uploaded.

7. Click on “Media”.  Your media library will open.  Click on the “new” tab.  Click on Select button.  Select the three pdf files you created earlier and click “OK”.  After a short while the files will be uploaded to WordPress.  Click on the “Insert into Post” button.

8. The three hyperlinks will appear at your cursor position in the post.  Cut and paste them into their correct positions.

9. Tick the “results” category tick box, and then click on “Publish”.  Wait a few seconds for WordPress to do its stuff!

10.  Click “View post” and it will show you the new live post.

11. Send Club members an email to tell them that this week’s results are now available to view.






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